Transform your relationship and breakthrough in this 3-day live immersion experience with Stacey and Paul Martino strategically designed for you to transform your relationship without your partner needing to participate!
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OK, so what’s this Relationship Breakthrough Retreat™
all about, anyway?

The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is a three day LIVE immersion experience designed to catapult your relationship to the next level! This is a FUN, high energy, transformational live experience with Paul and me! This is NOT a couple’s event! Like all our programs, our methodology is strategically designed to empower YOU to transform your relationship! Your partner does not need to participate in order for this to work for you!

This is NOT a “sit in your seat” and listen for three days “seminar.” This is a strategically designed transformation experience like nothing you’ve experienced before. You will experience transformations, interventions and breakthroughs live in the room.

After this three day live event with me and Paul, your relationship
will NEVER be the same again!

No matter where you are in your relationship today, the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is strategically designed for you to create the intimate relationship you desire by utilizing the tools and strategies that really work to create an indivisible alignment with your partner, where nothing and nobody can come between you, you put each other first and love each other unconditionally for your most authentic selves. By implementing the proven step-by-step strategies you bring out the absolute best in your partner, learn to cherish and maximize the differences between men and women to create the polarity that sparks the ravishing and satisfying intimacy you desire. By transforming the way you show up in relationship to your partner, in a very short amount of time, you immediately experience the transformation in your love, your passion and your life! You become the example, not the warning, you live your life with passion and you immediately shift the role model you are being to your children by what you are teaching them about what intimate relationship is, by how you are living in yours!

When you shift your intimate relationship in this way, everything changes in your life, and you begin living a more loving and passionate life! Your intimate relationship impacts everything in your life, your happiness, your confidence, your self-worth, how you parent your kids, how much you grow your business, your fulfillment, your energy and your health.

That’s why we created the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, to give you an immersion experience to catapult your relationship in just three days!

It’s the ultimate shortcut that removes all the painful guessing, wasted energy and frustration out of shifting your relationship into the magnificent love affair of your dreams! And the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is strategically designed for ONE partner to transform the relationship, you do NOT need your partner to attend for this to work for you! (don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials of the clients who have already done it).

I know you’re trying. You deserve to stop struggling; stop giving so much of your energy to doing what does NOT work in your relationship. You deserve to catapult your relationship to the next level, reignite your passion, create an indivisible alignment and unleash a ravishing and satisfying daily intimacy with your partner…while saving you TONS of time, frustration and damaging hurt trying to figure it out on your own. I know, I’ve been there. And sometimes in those moments of struggle, we come too close to saying or doing something that we can’t take back because we just don’t know that there is a simple way to honor your most authentic self and honor your partner’s authentic self too!

You are NOT alone! In this event, you will be surrounded by our amazing community of LOVIES! Awe-mazing people, just like you, empowering themselves to transform their relationship! Our community of LOVIES will give you the support, compassion, collaboration, community and LOVE that you need to create the relationship that you desire!

Some of the biggest relationship breakthroughs I’ve experienced in MY life came from being LIVE with my role models and experiencing their relationship in a way that shattered my old belief systems and gave me an undeniable experience of what was clearly possible to experience in life! At the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, you get to be live and in-person with me and Paul for three entire days. Once you experience our magnificent relationship first-hand, you can’t UN-know that! You will see Paul and I interact, experience how we relate to each other, and experience the polarity of masculine and feminine energy!

This event empowers you to finally be loved for your most authentic self, without compromise, and to give your love freely as your best self! This helps you to reignite the passion that has fizzled in your relationship, get the energy that comes from living as your authentically feminine or masculine core energy and to create SPARKS of passion, playfulness and daily intimacy! Be an inspiration, make an impact, live your life as the example instead of the warning. Get the confidence, self-worth, fulfillment and happiness that comes from living in an intimate relationship that exceeds your wildest dreams! And once you create it, you get to have it all for the rest of your life!

Sending love,



See what people are saying...

I have worked with other Coaches, and have not experienced the quick clarity that Stacey provides.

Ley-Ann ClarkeRecently, I had the pleasure of coaching with Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach. As a Coach myself, it is often difficult to see the “forest for the trees” (so to speak). When one is embroiled in personal issues, it is very helpful to get an impartial observer’s perspective.

I found Stacey to be gifted in her abilities as a Love and Passion Coach. Her warm personality allows one to feel safe and comfortable to open up and share personal challenges. In addition, Stacey was quickly ably to determine where the challenge was originating from and also how to overcome the challenge. She does it all without judgment. I have worked with other Coaches, and have not experienced the quick clarity that Stacey provides.

In summary, I highly recommend Stacey Martino. Stacey, through kindness and immense talent, will support you in overcoming any potential obstacles quickly and efficiently. And you will walk away from your time together knowing without a shadow of doubt how to move forward to create the Love and Passion that you desire!

Ley-Ann Clarke
Robbins Results Coach

Within our first session, she reframed a blockage I had been circling around my entire life!

RebekahI made the decision to work with Stacey as a private client because I was starting a challenging consulting project and I didn’t want to get lost in the mix of ignoring my personal well being and my relationship. I remember telling her during our first get acquainted session, “I really don’t need to work on the love and passion stuff you teach, I just love the way you reframe situations and give people strategies, that’s what I want.” No doubt she already knew what I would quickly discover. Little did I know what I had coming to me in a package called “a morning coaching call with Stacey Martino.”

Within our first session, she reframed a blockage I had been circling around my entire life, and opened the gateway for me to understand how love and passion starts with ME first. Working with Stacey has transformed my business and personal relationships from great to amazing and thriving. The best way I can describe the result of working with her for the past six months is that I feel like someone implanted additional space in my brain and love in my heart to generate solutions to problems, to be anchored to my higher purpose, and to be more present and connected to everyone in my life. Thank you Stacey for doing what you do! I love you!

Rebekah Marler

Just a few months into the program our relationship is much closer, the business runs smoother and we are more relaxed together!

IrinaBefore enrolling in the Relationship Transformation Program my career as a coach and speaker was taking off and I was concerned that my relationship would suffer and we will grow apart the same way it was before when I worked long hours in my demanding corporate job.

With Stacey’s coaching I immediately saw that I can have it all: a successful business and an amazing and passionate relationship. I am so glad I took action and enrolled, as now I have a powerful vision for our relationship. I have been transforming myself to create the outstanding relationship that I desire. I see things I did not see before.

Just a few months into the program our relationship is much closer, the business runs smoother and we are more relaxed together. Watching the videos I feel as if I am across the table from Stacey and I could touch her. She is very engaging and creates the excitement and energy that you need in order to move forward confidently.  She walks you through the exercises and gives you the motivation you need, so you stay with it.

You want to be the best you that you can be? You want to learn how to have an outstanding relationship as this is affecting all other aspects of your life. Go for it!  Stacey’s program is easy to follow and provides amazing insights! Thank you Stacey for making such a big difference in my life!

Irina Benedict
Leadership Coach, Strategic Achievement Coach

From my very first session my investment was worth it!

JennI've never had a second thought about it since.  I hung up after that first call with a sense of clarity and confidence that I had not had in a long time.  

Stacey gave me concrete tools to revisit in difficult times that WORK.

Sure, sometimes I find myself going to that place of fear and self pity...but I am now learning the tools and tricks to get myself out of it...which is making me STRONGER.

And I'm having so many other benefits I wouldn't have dreamed...I'm eating better, I'm getting my running back on track. It's a simple equation for me...when I'm feeling better and stronger...I want to feel even MORE confident and be even stronger! Kind of like my Stacey drug! I'm only a few calls in and can't wait to see where we go with it :)

Jennifer Heatly
Client Care Manager, Client Attraction

After just one session…I already see a change in my relationship!

LaurieStacey, you truly are an amazing person—the hardest thing for me and probably most women is to open up to a total stranger to speak about their relationship, but something about speaking with you is so different. The ease of talking to you and opening up to you made my experience with you much more fulfilling. You made me think outside the box and see my relationship in a whole different light
I have spoken to many friends, complaining about my relationship and none of them made me realize what you made me realize about my relationship. With just one session with you, I have already seen a change in my relationship…you are amazing!!

I wish I would of known about you sooner! I cannot thank you enough! Thank you so much!


Philadelphia, PA

I honestly don’t believe we would still be together if it wasn’t for Stacey

I cannot recommend Stacey highly enough! Before talking to her, my relationship was in trouble; in fact my man and I were on the verge of splitting up. I was convinced that our relationship couldn’t work because of his issues.

With Stacey’s coaching, I was able to see how it was actually me who was scared of being vulnerable and committing myself. After just one hour of coaching with Stacey, I not only discovered the courage to open myself up to love but I also gained the clarity that I have the power to create the relationship I want.   Stacey helped me to see men in a whole new light. And I have 6 brothers, so I thought I knew men!  

My man and I have both recommitted to our relationship and have a depth of love and passion that is so much greater than it was before. The wonderful thing is that I am completely relaxed and confident with him now because I no longer feel the need to hold myself back. We are happier than ever! I honestly don’t believe we would still be together if it wasn’t for Stacey. She completely rocks!

United Kingdom

When the timing is right for the right person to come into my life, I will be ready.

DonnaAlthough I am not currently in a relationship, I was drawn to work with Stacey Martino because I wanted the same level of support and expert strategies that people in relationship are experiencing. The work I am doing now, with Stacey, will ensure that when the timing is right for the right person to come into my life, I will be ready, I will know what is best for me and I will be fully prepared to be a partner in a healthy relationship based on mutual respect.
Working with Stacey is an unbelievable experience. I have been able to really focus on taking care of myself and putting my needs before the needs of others, which is something I totally forgot about.
On one of the coaching calls I was given homework to make a list of things that just make me happy and actually do them. I was totally taken aback because no one has asked me what makes me happy for years. I took this task to heart, made my list and finished everything on it and was ready to move on to the next exercise. Next up is to lose weight. For the first time in a very long time I see the possibilities of having a more balanced relationship with myself which will most definitely lead to more balanced relationships with others. Stay tuned..... 

Donna Cravotta

With one short conversation, my outlook on the situation was completely transformed.

Yesterday I was feeling completely lost about how to win a man's heart that I care about deeply. I couldn't sleep. I was so upset about a recent meeting we had, and I didn't know where to turn.

Thank heavens Stacey was there. With one short conversation, my outlook on the situation was completely transformed. I had been hopeless and angry, and suddenly I felt encouraged and peaceful. Very peaceful.

She helped me reframe the conversation I had with him and see that he really did care about me, but I just wasn't speaking "man" language. I laughed at myself and realized that I could really turn the situation around.  The best part is that she explained that it all starts with me, which is something I can start working on right now.  She also helped me see that the love of a man is not something you can control and she made me laugh by saying, "If you want a love you can control, buy a puppy."

Sounds simple, but it made a huge impact on my heart and released me to see him in a totally new light. Thank you so much Stacey! I really don't know where I'd be without that short time we spent together yesterday. I would still be angry and lost, instead of hopeful and encouraged and looking forward to seeing him again.  You're the best! I can't wait to work with you again. 

Single mother, California


I am so grateful to have the opportunity of working with her!

Quinn EurichAnyone can listen to you and provide advice. It’s been my experience that few people really listen. Fewer still have the skills to take the thread of what you're saying and trace it back to where it’s tethered in your past. Not only does Stacey do that, but she helps you see the past from a new perspective and walks you through resolving it in the present.

And, her help doesn’t stop there. Stacey has this wonderful cornucopia of tips and techniques to help you keep progressing – to help you step outside of your usual ways of being and give yourself the chance to make new choices that better serve you, and ultimately those around you.

My work with Stacey has enabled me to step back and ask myself the intent behind the words someone is saying to me. Instead of automatically reacting with fear and confusion, I can respond in appropriate ways. As someone in a new relationship, being able to disengage from behaviors rooted in the past definitely helps me be more open and vulnerable in the present. And boy, has that helped our communication problems!

What I find most uplifting about working with Stacey is how her true desire to be of service comes through with love, laughter and a genuineness that cannot be mistaken. I am so grateful to have the opportunity of working with her!

Quinn Eurich
Wethersfield, CT USA

My husband and I are closer than ever.

Janet JohnsonHello! My name is Janet Johnson and my husband and I have been married for 10 years. I decided to sign up for Stacey’s program as an anniversary gift for both of us and this decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Before starting the program, I noticed how the stress of everyday life (his career as a busy feature producer, my life starting a new business, raising our beautiful 5 year old daughter, and raising our 6 month old son) was affecting our lives. 

It was really weighing us down and we didn’t have much time together anymore. Everyday, by the time all of those “life’s important demands” stopped, it was 11 PM and time to get to bed. No conversations…no connection. I wanted time alone but thought, “He’s going to think I’m silly asking for a date.”

After being in Stacey’s program, I realized this wasn’t the case. We talked and realized that we BOTH really wanted and needed to spend tons of alone time together. It wasn’t silly! We needed to make it priority. One of the most significant improvements in our lives has been our ability to say to each other, “I need to spend private time with you.”

We’ve been going out on spontaneous dates and something as small as a trip to the grocery store or a drive around the block (to talk and to have a breather) have been such gifts. My husband and I are closer than ever and this has meant the world to me and my family.

Janet Johnson

I knew we need a booster shot of PASSION, but I didn’t know where to start.

StarWhen I came to Stacey, I KNEW that although my husband and I have something AMAZING in our relationship, I was also clear that with two children, another on the way and very busy lives, things were starting to feel more and more disconnected between the two of us.

We felt so busy and depleted. I knew we need a booster shot of PASSION, but I didn’t know where to start.

This shift in our connection to one another has even led to a change in our relationship with our children (we’re a TEAM) and our support for one another. And, beyond the first module, I’m the only one doing the program! My hubby has been too busy to keep up with it!

The one thing I wanted, deeper connection and intimacy, has been OFF of the charts after doing Stacey’s program! Our relationship is SO passionate, beautiful and exactly what I was seeking!!!

THANK you, Stacey, for making this so incredibly accessible for us and for thousands of other couples! Thinking of working with Stacey? I highly recommend it, she makes it simple, FUN and practical for YOUR situation! She knows her stuff and she is not afraid to share it!

Star Staubach

I have shifted my perception which has improved our communication and allowed me to let go of past hurts.

I feel so blessed to be part of the Relationship Transformation Program. What I have learned from Stacey over the last several months has truly changed my life. For the first time in YEARS I feel that not only can my marriage be saved but that my husband and I can move forward in a VERY POSITIVE direction.

Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women has helped me to step back and appreciate where my husband is coming from versus internalizing something in a negative way. I have shifted my perception which has improved our communication and allowed me to let go of past hurts. For the first time in my marriage, I feel empowered to move forward knowing that I have the skills and knowledge that I need to create a happy marriage. Thank you Stacey!!

Roundhill, VA

Thank you for giving me the tools to keep the relationship with my husband strong, playful, loving, fun, genuine, exiting, joyful and filled with positive emotions!

TatyanaI want to thank you for giving me the tools to keep the relationship with my husband strong, playful, loving, fun, genuine, exiting, joyful and filled with positive emotions!

I used to be so hard headed and thought that I must be right at all times. Since we began your Relationship Transformation Program, I am able to let go of the need to be right and let the conversation flow.

Understanding how different our thinking is and how different our needs are is so valuable in keeping our marriage strong. I would never get there without your coaching Stacey. Thank you so much!

Tatyana Vroman
Founder, Dances With Food

I can be the person I always dreamed of being.

ShanBefore starting the program, I felt justified in my recent divorce.  It was very simple, I mostly did everything right and he mostly did everything wrong.

Since participating in the program, I have come to realize that I had more to do with the downfall of my marriage then I ever realized.  And this was a good thing!  

Why? Because, I would be devastated if I brought those patterns into my next intimate relationship too!  Transforming myself empowers me to now live my life by design and not by default.

The most significant improvement I am already enjoying for myself is the hope that I can be the person I always dreamed of being. And if I ever have the blessed opportunity to marry again, I will be that person to him, for him and for ME! 

Shan White
Strategic Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

Her eight step relationship transformation system is indispensable.

Stacey has an amazing grasp of the details of the dynamics between men and women. She has shed a bright light on what is really going on in mine and my wife's relationship making what is going on crystal clear. It's amazing. I look forward to my phone calls with her for insight and direction.

Her eight step relationship transformation system is indispensable. My marriage had deteriorated, we were living separately and I didn't see it working out. I can see now with clarity what happened. I now have a greater understanding of who my spouse is and what’s really going on between us. Ergo, today we have a better relationship even though we are far from being out of the proverbial woods. I also have a better handle of the many aspects of who I am as a man and a partner.  

Lemont, Illinois


I implemented your tools and began to see big changes in a short amount of time!

I decided to take the plunge into Stacey’s program shortly after my husband joined me in my business, knowing that our relationship was going to be more important than ever. It was a fabulous decision. Stacey helped me understand how some of my husband’s “wiring” was a function of his purely and simply being a man (I have historically rebelled against any such notion). Even more significantly, once I understood and truly appreciated these qualities, it was liberating and brought us closer together. This was a DOUBLE BONUS: I was freed from some self-created madness, and I felt more connected to him in the process.

What I did NOT expect as a result of the program was that my relationships with each of my parents would become easier and less draining. (Evidently I had a lot of baggage I was not conscious of and didn’t know how to deal with!) The tool Stacey developed that made this possible is “Right Hand, Left Hand.” She has a way of explaining her amazing insights and tools in a very simple way, so that her clients can implement them and begin to see big changes in short amounts of time. Stacey, thank you for following your passion to help us create ours! 

Theresa D.
Yardley, PA

Thanks to this program I am experiencing the deepest, most committed love
relationship of my adult life.

LilyStacey Martino has such an incredible approach to healthy, loving, passionate relationships. I can’t believe I was so lucky to learn about the program at the beginning of my relationship.

Thanks so this program, I have started my big, passionate love relationship from the START with the tools I need to sustain and grow love. This program is totally a habit buster, and my partner has REALLY been enjoying the transformations. Even as our relationship goes deeper, we’re not getting complacent, just closer and more passionate.

Before starting the program I had a lot of fear about committing to my partner, not knowing if I really had what it took to communicate and relate to my love in a way that would deepen our love. I had a lot of wounds and fear, and I knew when I spoke to Stacey on the phone that she was teaching from a very authentic place.

Thanks to this program I am experiencing the deepest, most committed love relationship of my adult life. I’ve cut through a ton of fear and learned how to relate with integrity. No games and LOTS of fun! I count Stacey and RTS among my blessings every day.

Lily Starling

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